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Post  MasterOfWar. on Fri 12 Dec 2008, 5:48 pm

Trainer: Welcome to USAR Basic Training. My name is (your rank and name here--make it formal). From this point forward in our training, NO TALKING and NO WALKING are allowed unless I specifically direct you to do so. If you do not follow these instructions, I have no choice but to fail you.

*( describe who is called sir and ma'am, but it includes 4 items total)

First, the Officers-
1. These people are the ones who wear black uniforms.
2. You ALWAYS call these people sir or ma'am

Warrant Officers-
1. These people are Technical officers however they are Officers in training. You must refer to them as Sir or Ma’am but don’t stand at attention.
2. They are the ones who where White Shirts and have the Rank WO1 and so on.

Next, the Enlisted/NCO-
1. These people are the ones who wear (color of shirt) such as you.
2. You refer to these people by their name or rank, NEVER sir or ma'am. For example, when speaking to me, you call me either “Sarge” or “(your name here).”

*( stand fast/ Attention and other commands)
Whenever an officer of the USAbobbarson wearing black, enters the room, you must stand directly in front of your seat, wave once, don't speak, and do not move. You may not sit until told "At ease." This process is called "stand fast/ attention." Let’s practice, STANDFAST/Attention. Once you do Standfast/ Attention Go over The other commands FTB FTF FM…Ect

*(step 3 is to go over the rules)

Trainer: Breaking any of these rules WILL result in being kicked, demoted, or fired.

*(step 4)
Now for the job description-
You will recruit for the Military by directing new people that walk in to the blue sticky near the door. Then correct whatever they have wrong. The point of this is to gain more people in our military. The more people we have, the stronger. The stronger we are, the more likely we will triumph over an enemy.
Also, when correcting some ones mission or uniform
the person they are correcting is to be said first the thing that is wrong and the way is suppose to be after

Trainer: Stand fast. You have completed basic training and will now do two things: First, when you return to HQ, you will read every sticky. Second, BEFORE you return to HQ, change your mission to:

[USAR] PV1 - Bad
[USAR] PV2- Did good during Training

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